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              Suzhou Yida is located in the famous Suzhou Industrial Park. It covers an area of 30 mu. It has its own industrial workshop with a total construction area of 30000 square meters and convenient transportation hub. In 2016, the total output value of the company reached 120 million.

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              New energy connector
              The connector pin and socket of new energy vehicle should bear higher current and voltage, and the connector pin and socket should withstand severe environment such as high-intensity vibration, high temperature, water mist and dust. With the diversification of wiring harness layout of new energy vehicles, there will be more diversified requirements for the structure, installation space and size of connector pin and socket.
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              Future electronic connectors are faster, smaller, smarter and more environmentally friendly
              When the Internet of things and industry 4.0 become the new market engine, the component manufacturers such as te have a long way to go. In James' view, the core of these market hotspots is simply the word "connection", the connection between cars, the connection between household appliances, and the connection between security facilities, including in industrial applications, the connection between equipment. It's just that the requirements for connectors are getting higher and higher.
              In the future, the requirements of connectors are nothing more than faster, smaller, more intelligent and more environmentally friendly. For example, the automotive industry needs to ensure the reliability and high quality of connectors in a harsh environment. For the consumer electronics industry, lightweight is the most important thing, followed by reliability. However, the reliability of the two is not the same level. To a certain extent, the speed of the innovation of consumer electronic products determines two other special requirements: cost control and R & D cycle shortening.
              In addition to the technical iteration, the regional distribution of connectors also varies with the change of market share. Over the years, the global connector production capacity has begun to transfer to Asia, especially to China. Some analysts believe that Asia has become the place with the most development potential in the connector market, and China is expected to become the fastest growing and largest market for connectors in the world.
              In the past, most connector suppliers made more use of China's low production costs. Now they are thinking more about how to serve this emerging market. The answer given by te is to transform the original mode of "made in China" into "made in China".
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              Technical requirements for charging station of electric vehicle
              With the gradual promotion and industrialization of electric vehicles and the increasing development of electric vehicle technology, the technical requirements of electric vehicles for charging stations reflect a consistent trend, requiring charging stations to be as close as possible to the following objectives.
              1. Fast charging
              Compared with Ni MH and Li-ion power batteries with good development prospects, traditional lead-acid batteries have the advantages of mature technology, low cost, large battery capacity, good load following output characteristics and no memory effect. However, there are also some problems such as low specific energy and short driving range of primary charging. Therefore, in the current situation that the power battery can not directly provide more driving range, if the battery charging is fast, the fatal weakness of short driving range of electric vehicles can be solved in a sense.
              2. Universal charging
              In the market background of coexistence of various types of batteries and voltage levels, the charging device used in public places must have the ability to adapt to various types of battery systems and voltage levels, that is, the charging system needs to have a wide range of charging, and has a charging control algorithm of various types of storage batteries, which can be charged with different battery systems on various types of electric vehicles It can be charged according to different batteries.
              3. Intelligent charging
              One of the most critical problems restricting the development and popularization of electric vehicles is the performance and application level of energy storage batteries. The goal of optimizing the intelligent charging method of battery is to realize the charging of non-destructive battery, monitor the discharge state of battery, avoid over discharge, so as to prolong the service life of battery and save energy. The application technology development of intelligent charging is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
              Optimized and intelligent charging technology, charger and charging station;
              Calculation, guidance and intelligent management of battery capacity;
              Automatic diagnosis and maintenance technology of battery fault.
              4. High efficiency of electric energy conversion
              The energy consumption index of electric vehicle is closely related to its operating energy cost. One of the key factors to promote the industrialization of electric vehicles is to reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles and improve their economy. For the charging station, considering the power conversion efficiency and construction cost, the charging device with high power conversion efficiency and low construction cost should be preferred.
              5. Charging integration
              In line with the requirements of miniaturization and multi-function of the subsystem, as well as the improvement of battery reliability and stability requirements, the charging system will be integrated with the energy management system of electric vehicles, integrating transfer transistors, current detection and reverse discharge protection and other functions. Without external components, the charging system can realize a smaller and more integrated charging solution, thus providing an electric vehicle with a higher integration The rest of the components can save the layout space, greatly reduce the system cost, optimize the charging effect and prolong the battery life.
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